where can I find Walford's diet?

Michael Sherman sherm at symdyn.com
Fri Jan 28 12:52:04 EST 2000

private <private at private.com> wrote:
> Hi, after watching the PBS show on Tuesday about ageing, I am
> interested in trying to eat the way Walford  does.  Does anyone know
> if there is a web site or book of his that lists his daily meals?
> Thanks.

His web site is www.walford.com and has some meals listed.  The
book "The Anti Aging Plan" he wrote with his daughter (she's the cook!)
contains a great deal of discussion on how to eat like the Walfords do, as
well as many recipes.  You can get that book from Walford's web site
or from Amazon.

The recipe for the particular salad that Walford served Alan Alda
was just re-posted to the CR Society list today.  Lisa Walford is
a participant on that list although Roy is not.  I can forward
that to you privately if you want.

The best way to eat on a CR diet is a constant topic of conversation
on the CR list; it is far from a settled issue.  Many of us do
not feel that Walford's recipes are best, primarily because they
are too high in (nutritionally vacuous) carbohydrate.  You can discuss
this with many CR practitioners at once on the CR list if you are
interested.  To subscribe, visit


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