Long lived clones!

Iuval Clejan clejan at mindspring.com
Sun Jun 4 08:23:50 EST 2000

Aubrey de Grey wrote:

> This is not to say that there is no selection of mutation-free oocytes
> between meiosis and ovulation, only that there is no need to postulate
> one based on current evidence.

I haven't had time to look up the references you suggested, but will soon,
thank you very much-you are an invaluable resource. Why do you say "between
meisosis and ovulation"? Why not during meiosis itself? I am thinking of a
mechanism similar to what has been observed in yeast ERCs (don't know if that
segregation mechanism has been understood).

> > Is there less mtDNA damage in post-ovulatory eggs than in other cells
> > in the same organism?
> I don't know of any study of this.  Getting enough such eggs to measure
> mtDNA mutations is probably difficult.

I guess one should do this with mice. By "other cells" I now mean
pre-ovulatory oocytes.


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