Are autologous anti-ageing vaccines possible?

Lou Pagnucco pagnucco at oeonline.com
Wed Jun 14 21:13:22 EST 2000

Some researchers in cellular gerontology (e.g., refer to Judith
Campisi's and Michael West's abstracts in PubMed) have
suggested that much of the pathology of aging is due to the
accumulation of senescent cells in our tissues.  Senescent
fibroblast greatly increase their production of the enzymes
(such as the collagenases) which shift the body's maintanance
systems for the extra cellular matrix into a catabolic, self-
destructive state.   This could have all sorts of unfortunate
consequences, such as dermal thinning/sagging, bone/tooth
loss, weakening of the vascular membranes (strokes, aneurysms,

Assuming that accumulation of senescent fibroblasts is indeed
responsible for many of the most irksome manifestations of aging,
is it possible that using the same techniques that Avax, Inc (see below)
has used to make melanoma cells visible to the immune system, we
could employ the immune system to eliminate senescent fibroblasts?
i.e., given enough senescent fibroblasts could we create an
autologous cell vaccine that would purge our tissues of these fibroblasts?

Perhaps, the suggestion is totally unworkable, or maybe, the blood
supply to these cells is not sufficient enough to allow the vaccine to work.
(This might be the case, given that monoclonal antibody therapies are
limited to tissues with good vascular accessibility.)

Any thoughts/opinions?

Lou Pagnucco

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AVAX Technologies (AVXT) To Market World's First
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AVAX Technologies To Market World's First Cancer Vaccine
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