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Sat May 6 10:23:08 EST 2000

How To Talk Anyone Into Anything, Anytime!

Could you imagine being *so persuasive* that people just naturally go along 
with whatever you say?

The reason I ask is, there's this great new report on the Net.  It's called 
TOTAL PERSUASION, and it has a lot of powerful stuff in it.

Like a question that will instantly turn anyone into PUTTY IN YOUR HANDS. . . a 
subliminal technique that establishes your credibility in a matter of 
*seconds*. . . a way to get other people to trust you (this is so easy you'll 
wonder if it should be ILLEGAL:). . . and a lot more!

Have you ever wanted to get people to INSTANLY accept your ideas by thinking 
THEY came up with them? This report has a great way to do it.  And it works.  
You can use this technique to get hired for a better job, or get yourself 
more money when you're selling something.  Or even get a bank to INSIST you 
take the loan you asked them for the first place!

This stuff's almost too good to be true.  But it is for real, because it 
comes from a master persuader who has studied ancient war strategies, sales, 
marketing, and deep psychological communication techniques.  He has the most 
advanced persuasion training in the world, and he's a highly regarded teacher 
himself.  It's truly amazing stuff.

You'll also learn a secret about winning arguments that will really surprise 
you!  When you use this technique, you secretly take the wind out of the 
other person's sails, and before they know it they're agreeing with you!

This report is awesome. You've got to see it for yourself!  Take a look. . . just 
click here!



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