Long lived clones!

Iuval Clejan clejan at mindspring.com
Thu May 18 03:26:19 EST 2000

What about the mitochondria of clones? Has anyone looked at frequency of
mutations of mtDNA in clones? Is there a resetting of the clock mechanism
operative for mtDNA damage, just like there is for telomere length? In
"traditional " reproduction, is there a  selection of  less damaged
mitochondria  within an individual egg when the zygote starts dividing (can't
see a way for this to happen), or just selection of eggs with more undamaged
mtDNA during meiosis?


Lana Wylie wrote:

> In a recent issue of Science it was announced that the telomeres of cloned
> calves were twice as long as their naturally born compatriots. Come find out
> more at http://www.immortality.org.
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