New OTC Remedy for Chronic Stress/Fatigue!!!

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Adrenal Wellness: New OTC Remedy for Chronic Stress/Fatigue!!!

Adrenal Wellness enhances low cortisol levels. The sub-lingual drops contain
all 28 adrenal cortical steroids with  absorption characteristics 10 times
greater than any other oral adrenal product and surpassed only by hypodermic

Background and Development:

Thomas Addison described in 1855 the syndrome of adrenal insufficiency,
known today as Addison's Disease. In the 1920's, Adrenal Cortex Extract
(A.C.E.) was introduced into the medical community.
>From 1930 to 1975, when synthetic cortisone replaced A.C.E., the therapeutic
effects for a wide range of maladies were documented with no negative side
effects. Adrenal cortex extract has shown to be effective for hypoglycemia,
stress burnout, depression and fatigue. Adrenal Cortex Extract has been a
great loss to modern medicine, but has been reintroduced by
RxforWellness.com in a sublingual formulation.

Pharmacology of Adrenal Wellness :

Adrenal Wellness' adrenal cortex extracts exhibit a biological activity
equivalent to that of 100 micrograms of hydrocortisone and contains a
suitable antibacterial agent. The adrenal extract has shown effective in
management of adrenal insufficiency and hypo-function of the adrenal gland.
Our main focus here is functional adrenal deficiency states, usually related
to chronic fatigue, stress and illness, which can be supported by
enhancements adrenal cortex extract.

Indications and Usage :

Adrenal Wellness designed to support over burdened adrenal glands stress
glands. Its use is indicated by high scores in the Stress Symptom Survey in
the Survey & Self Tests Section of the Rx Learning Channel. The definitive
test is a low AM cortisol in  the adrenal stress index salivary test. See
Vol. 1, lesson 5 of the RxforWellness FREE Anti-Aging Course On-line for
more information.

1. Stress
2. Aging
3. Depression
4. Low Energy Levels
5. Hypoglycemia
6. Carbohydrate addictions
7. Allergies
8. Drug & Alcohol Withdrawal
9. Rheumatoid Arthritics
10. Psoriasis
11. Asthma

Directions For Use:

Normal Maintenance Dosage: 1 dropper 2 to 3 times per day. For best results,
hold under tongue for 2 minutes without talking or swallowing.

Acute Symptom and First Time User Dosage: Most patients who are new to
Adrenal Wellness have over- taxed adrenals. We suggest all new users take 1
dropper 4 to 9 times per day for a minimum of 3 days, or until you feel the
desired result, and then reduce to normal maintenance dosage.


15 ml dropper bottle
all 28 identified adrenal cortical hormones
6000 mcg natural A.C.E. in aqueous solution per Bottle

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To Measure your salivary AM/PM cortisol levels and DHEA/Progesterone via the


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