Osteoporosis: The Natural Hormone Solution!

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Osteoporosis: The Natural Hormone Solution!

To this day osteoporosis prevention is much more successful than
osteoporosis treatment. Therefore, there is great interest in prevention
among peri-menopausal and menopausal women. However, as bones are best built
in the presence of the bone building hormones, testosterone, progesterone,
and growth hormone, the best time to build strong bones is in the first
three decades of life!

Why is this? By the onset of menopause, progesterone has already dropped
close to zero, and testosterone is dropping, even in women. Growth hormone
declines at 14% per decade, starting at age 30. Indeed, the five years after
menopause is the time of greatest bone loss.

Therefore, the most successful bone building program for those already over
40 consists not of taking Tums, (an antacid!) but in a much more scientific
21st century approach. Such an approach includes lifestyle, absorbable
mineral supplementation, and natural, not synthetic, hormone replacements.

Lifestyle support includes regular exercise, no smoking, no colas, moderate
coffee and alcohol, and a plant based, high fiber diet. (Vegetarians have
lower estrogen, but less osteoporosis than omnivores.)

Supplementation should consist of highly absorbable calcium and magnesium
salts like citrates and aspartates.                    Those with
osteoporosis, or at high risk for same, would do well to supplement minerals
formulas containing with raw bone crystals, known as MCHC. MCHC stands for
micro-crystaline-hydroxy-apatite. MCHC is a complex of whole bone proteins
and the optimal mineral ratios found naturally in human bone structure. (See
Bone Maximizer)

For women who cannot or will not take estrogen, ipriflavone, a chemical
related to the isoflavones plant estrogens in soy, will spare bone much like
estrogen but without the risk. (See Osteo-Max)

The best and safest hormone for osteoporosis treatment and prevention is
natural progesterone, not estrogen. Synthetic progestins, like Provara, are
not progesterone. Synthetics have less good effects, and more side effects
than natural progesterone. (See Projuvine)

 If estrogen is taken, progesterone should always be taken concurrently!
Estrogen merely slows bone loss, but progesterone actually builds bone. (See
Estro Pro)

Nutrients that help restore youthful levels of human growth hormone are
known as secretagogues. (See Hgh Plus)Growth hormone, like the name implies,
builds muscle and bone, thickens the skin, and strengthens the internal
organs. Hgh also burns belly fat and often restores sexual vigor, which
might be why it is sometimes referred to as a "fountain of youth".

Men get osteoporosis too, just later in life. The preventative advice is the
same except progesterone is not used, but rather androstenedione and/or
DHEA. These are the building blocks of which testosterone is made. (See Vol.
1, lesson 2 FREE Anti-Aging Course)

To help evaluate your risk for osteoporosis, see the Osteoporosis
Questionnaire in the RxLearning Channel.

To learn more, read the articl;e : "Osteoporosis: New Paradigm for Old
Bones" at

Recommended products:  Hgh Plus, Bone Maximizer, Osteo-Max, Projuvine, Estro
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