Five Secrets of Centenarians

Dr. John H. Maher drjmaher at cts.com
Wed Mar 21 05:41:43 EST 2001

Five Secrets of Centenarians

I have found after interviewing thousands of centenarians and their families
and in my 14 years of working with centenarians in public and private
celebrations, media events, travel and leisure that centenarians who are
successful in active, engaged living at 100 years have the following five
traits, attitudes, behaviors or as some would say, personalities:

1) A love of life

2) A positive, yet realistic attitude

3) The courage & willingness to use modern medical interventions when needed

4) A spiritual or religious belief

5) And a remarkable ability to renegotiate life at every turn adjusting to
and accepting
    the inevitable losses that come with   longevity."

>From "Centenarians: The Bonus Years" by Lynn Peters Adler, J.D.

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