The Many Benefits of Natural Progesterone

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The Many Benefits of Natural Progesterone

Progesterone is made mostly at the corpus luteum (so named because of its
appearance as a small yellow body on the surface of the ovary). Women whose
bodily functions are operating normally produce 20 - 30 mg per day in the
second half of the menstrual cycle and up to 300 - 400 mg per day during
pregnancy. Progesterone is also made in small amounts in the adrenal glands
in both sexes and by the testes in males. About 5 to 8 years before
menopause progesterone levels start to drop off, often precipitating
estrogen dominance. Indeed, men have higher levels than post-menopausal

. Dr. John Lee in his book lists the following progesterone effects:

* Helps prevent breast cancer
* Protects against fibrocystic breasts
* Stimulates osteoblast bone building.
* Helps use fat for energy
* Natural diuretic
* Natural antidepressant
* Restores sex drive
* Normalizes zinc and copper levels.
* Facilitates thyroid hormone action
* Normalizes blood sugar levels
* Normalizes blood clotting
* Restores proper oxygen cell levels
* Precursor of corticosteroids
* Helps prevent uterine fibroids

The concentration of progesterone in brain cells is 20 times higher than in
the blood serum levels!

Dr John Lee in his book addresses the significance of progesterone and it's
connection to

a) restoration of the thinking powers of the elderly
b) elimination of depression after childbirth
c) reduction of the severity of brain injury
d) fetal brain development
e) improved sleep patterns

Other Benefits of Natural Progesterone.

* Babies whose mothers received natural progesterone show improved
intelligence (reported by Dr Katherina Dalton).
* Other investigators report that progesterone babies have strong, serene
independent characters. (Ref - Progesterone in Orthomolecular Medicine - Dr
Ray Peat)
* New research relates the significance of progesterone levels remarkable
effect on prostates in men.
* Researchers have reported on and documented the dramatically improved
prognosis for patients undergoing serious surgery, probably because
progesterone is the building block of the anabolic sex hormones and/or
because progesterone is depleted by times of stress to make cortisol.
* Natural progesterone counterbalances the effects of estrogen dominance. *
*Estrogen and progesterone are easily measured via saliva testing. We
provide ZRT Labs Two Hormone Test Kits for that purpose. Menstruating
females should perform their test during the luteal phase, that is the 19th
to 22nd menstrual day. When the progesterone to estrogen (estradiol) level
is less than 10 to 1
estrogen dominance is to be considered. For more information look for the
article of the same name in the under Female Wellness in the "Articles"
section of the RxLearning Channel.

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