extrachromosomal DNA circles

Alex Nikitin nikitin at umich.edu
Fri May 11 11:46:33 EST 2001

On the involvement of extrachromosomal DNA in the aging process in
postmitotic cells you can read my review article (Nikitin AG, Shmookler
Reis RJ. (1997) Role of transposable elements in age-related genomic
instability. Genetical Research 69: 183-195). There are several reseachers
who extensively contributed to the understanding of this process, you may
want to check their publications as well (all in the references of my
- Robert Shmookler Reis/ Sam Goldstein
- Ron C. Woodruff
- Alex Nikitin (yours trully)
- Chris Driver
- Hanz Oziewatcz
- Hachik Muradian
- Sergei Hershenson (or Gershenson)

There's a wealth of information on extrachromosomal circular DNA and aging
in fungi: it gets a little murky in higher eukaryotes.

Good luck with your search.

Alex Nikitin

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Iuval clejan wrote:

> It looks like they used Chinese Hamster eggs and human tumor lines. But
> they could also exist in cells that are "post-mitotic" because those
> cells are descendants of cells that were dividing at some point.
> -Iuval

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