extrachromosomal DNA circles

Eric DUFOUR Eric.Dufour at cmm.ki.se
Sat May 12 15:23:48 EST 2001

    Just add Leon Belcour &/or Annie Sainsard-Chanet since they have done as
many work as Oziewacz did & they worked on the same subject, on the same
organism... It' not because I was a PhD student in their lab that I'm so...

    However, I know that you know well their work and cite them in your
review (realy interesting one). I only regret to have read it after my PhD
and not before :-(.

    I would also like to cite SM Jazwinski, who made a realy interesting
review on aging in yeast (TIG, November 2000, vol. 16, N°11 p506-) and
presents some critics against the causal effect of rDNA circles amplification
in yeast aging.

Eric Dufour

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