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Thu May 24 06:22:48 EST 2001

I do not understand why the United States
permits web sites like 
http://www.halturnershow.com to exist.
The site calls African-Americans
"savage negro beasts." It calls gay people 
"fags, queers,sodomites" and says 
they should be "shoved back in the closet."
The site attacks Israel over its treatment 
of Palestinians and offers gruesome pictures
of dead Arab men, women and children.
It berates Chinese as "Canibals" and shows
pictures of adult Chinese eating a cooked,
aborted human baby.
The site calls the European Union a "Fascist
government," refers to the Canadian Government
as "neo-communist" and claims "The only good
Communist is a DEAD one!"
Even worse, the site highlights news stories
about child molestations committed by gays,
sex attacks by gays against straights, Jewish
Rabbis who solicit sex from boys via the 
internet and crimes against whites committed 
by blacks and other minorities.
Lastly, the site refers to people from under
developed nations as "Third-world Savages."
Please show your diversity, tolerance and 
sensitivity for all people:  BOYCOTT
that web site


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