Message from the Moderator

t theodorus ibrahim theo at gmx.co.uk
Tue Mar 12 06:33:26 EST 2002

This newsgroup is now moderated. 

I am proposing the following as a basic moderation policy to compliment the
standard policy for proper use of the Usenet News System as stated in the
rules of netiquette posted to news.announce.newgroups.


1. Posts to the group must substantially be about or relevant to the
subject of the molecular biology of ageing.

2. No clearly of topic postings allowed.

3. No clearly commercial postings allowed. 

However in general I will err on the side of generosity in determining
whether or not posts are acceptable (e.g. commercial postings whose
information content exceeds their promotional aspect would be ok)

Please note it could be possible for some spam type messages to get thru
the new system for a while as the moderation policy doesnt take effect
everywhere on the net at the same time.

Thank you,


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