Longevity Meme Newsletter, April 07 2003

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Thu Apr 17 06:45:15 EST 2003

chuckfrasher at yahoo.com (Chuck) wrote in message news:<cc6b2012.0304091632.4731f52d at posting.google.com>...
> > Promising Alzheimer's Treatment (April 03 2003)
> > http://www.betterhumans.com/News/news.aspx?articleID=2003-04-03-3
> > From Betterhumans, news of a treatment that slows and in some cases
> > reverse the effects of Alzheimer's. Why is this important for life
> > extension? Because the brain is the one organ we can't just patch up
> > or replace using near-future regenerative medicine. Alzheimer's and
> > other brain conditions are a real threat for everyone who plans to
> > live long through anti-aging medicine.
> Is memantine the same as Galantamine?

No. Memantine is a NMDA receptor antagonist. Galantamine blocks the
breakdown of acetylcholine.

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