could lowering IGF-1 postpone "aging"?

Tim timothytn at my-deja.com
Mon Jun 16 03:55:41 EST 2003

Hi Thomas,
  Here are a few links. Click on the first one for other referential
articles. My overall take on it is that the low IGF-1 level may be
beneficial early in life as with CR, but CR mice don't suffer the same
decline that ad lib mice do in the GH/IGF-1 axis later in life, so
perhaps low levels of supplemental GH in the latter quartile or
something like that may increase survival in the elderly.
It looks like high levels of certain hormones like IGF-1 may cause
damage in certain ways (like target tissue response and neuroendocrine
control) and increase the rate of aging by increasing the decline of
the total axis. Particularly early in life.




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