could lowering IGF-1 postpone "aging"?

Tim timothytn at my-deja.com
Mon Jun 16 03:55:45 EST 2003

Hi Thomas
  From all the information I've seen IGF-1 looks like it exerts it's
longevity effects mainly by it's effects during the growth period,
with only a minor affect on longevity post-maturation, perhaps mainly
by influencing some types of mortality like cancer susceptibility but
with some negative effects such as promoting susceptibility to other
types of mortality. I tend to think reducing IGF-1 won't prove to be
too beneficial in mature individuals and in some cases negative in
many respects, but perhaps it will prove to be a good adjunctive
therapy for cancer. Links 1 and 4 are incorrect I'll check them and
probably repost.


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