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Wed Jul 12 11:10:08 EST 2006

I am a student who is doing some research on biocompatible protein polymers  
and baldness in men and women.    So far no one has been able to  answer my 
research question.   As you know, biocompatible polymer  protein synthesis is an 
expanding field, and I was now wondering if  it  could possibly help baldness 
in men and women.   If a poly-hair, made  of these polymers, could be 
implanted under the scalps skin, where tissue would  grow to it, anchoring it like 
real hair, would there be a rejection factor to  contend with?  Biocompatible 
polymers are used in operations and for years  women have received breast 
implants, now the bio-chip uses polymers to anchor it  under the skin, so it doesn't 
move about!  Once anchored the hair would  remain for life.  The problem with 
present day hair transplantation is  usually the donor area is not sufficient 
to cover the top of the head to a  desired thickness.  This could possible 
solve that problem!  I have  asked some poly tech firms on line, some nurses and 
doctors on line, with no  luck, or they admitted they didn't know the answer! 
thanks for your time
Dennis Berube

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