[Ageing] Deposit and request plasmids for Ageing research through Addgene

Benjie Chen benjie at addgene.org
Mon May 15 14:24:51 EST 2006

Dear Ageing researchers,

Addgene is a non-profit organization dedicated to promoting the
sharing of plasmid constructs described in published literature.
Scientists deposit plasmids at Addgene, and Addgene takes care of
archiving data and samples and answering requests for plasmids from
scientists world-wide. Addgene provides request summaries to the
depositing scientists. Addgene will also work with the depositing
institution's technology transfer office.

Addgene invites the ageing research community to use Addgene to share
the plasmids they need for their experiments.  We have several
deposits of Sir2 plasmids and would like to expand our collection of
ageing research related plasmids. Please visit www.addgene.org for
more detail.


The Addgene Team

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