[Ageing] New Book: The Evolution of Aging

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Sat Jan 6 19:53:09 EST 2007

A new book on evolution theory has been released:
The Evolution of Aging, ISBN:0978870905, Goldsmith, 200pp

Here is a mystery that has puzzled scientists for nearly 150 years: If 
evolution is driven by survival of the fittest, then how did aging and 
other traits that reduce survival and fitness ever evolve?

Some theorists contended that aging is not a design feature of organisms 
but rather a defect, fundamental limitation, or unavoidable adverse 
side-effect of some beneficial function.  These theories ignored the 
other fitness-adverse traits, had many logical flaws, and were unable to 
obtain experimental confirmation.  Recent experimental results provide 
additional support for aging as an evolved mechanism.

This book reviews the traditional theories of aging and the underlying 
evolution theory issues as well as the observational evidence regarding 
the nature of aging.  The author shows how analysis of the information 
transfer aspects of the inheritance process ("digital genetics") reveals 
additional evolved traits that are incompatible with Darwinian evolution 
theory as well as additional complexity in the evolution process.

Author's web site ( http://www.azinet.com/aging/ )  provides book 
excerpts, additional articles, and links to cited sources.

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