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I am pleased to announce a New Books Forum on Aging and Longevity at:


It says:

"New Interesting Books and their Discussion.
The best older books are here too.
Add new books here yourself and discuss them!"

Currently the following topics are open for comments and discussions

-- Anti-Aging

-- Aubrey de Grey Ideas

-- Brain Aging

-- Caloric Restriction

-- Cancer

-- Cryonics

-- Genetics of Aging and Health

-- Geriatrics

-- Growth Hormone

-- Human Longevity

-- Immortality

-- Life Expectancy

-- Life Extension

-- Menopause

-- Population Aging

-- Rejuvenation

-- SENS: Strategies for Engineered Negligible Senescence

-- Soft Drinks

-- Supplements

-- Testosterone

-- Vitamins

This list of discussion topics will grow further over time.

Hope this helps.  Feel free to comment there. Thank you!

Kind regards,

-- Leonid Gavrilov, Ph.D.
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