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Jennifer Hawkins via ageing%40net.bio.net (by jhawkins from medpedia.com)
Tue Sep 29 16:45:10 EST 2009

Hello there,

I hope you are well! I=92m Jennifer, a Community Manager at Medpedia (
www.medpedia.com), a worldwide project to collect and advance health and
medical knowledge in association with Harvard and Stanford Medical Schools.

I found your Aging Listserv and was impressed by the breadth of information
and resources offered.  Medpedia is another helpful resource that may
interesting to your members --- you can find related articles, questions &
answers, clinical trials, experts, blogs, and more in Medpedia's Alzheimer'=
Disease Community, for example.

Would you like to let your members know about this new resource?  If so, I'=
be happy to give you more details!

Kind regards,


Jennifer Hawkins
Community Manager, Medpedia
703 Market St, Suite 470
San Francisco, CA
(415) 281-3931

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