Hazelnut Farm - Am I nuts?

Cameron Laird claird at NeoSoft.com
Wed Jul 28 15:34:25 EST 1993

In article <ward9-270793072040 at macward.s1.gov> ward9 at llnl.gov (Rich Ward) writes:
>farming nut orchards.  I would appreciate any pointers from those of you
>that have experience in this area.  Particularly what are the potential
>pitfalls? Are there any diseases or nematodes that wipe out whole orchards?
>Why have hazelnut prices gone from 40+ to 28 cents over the past three
>years; is this just cyclic farm prices or is there something going on at
>the nut houses?
I'm surprised no one else has mentioned this, yet:
nuts are notorious for varying MUCH in production
from one year to the next.  It doesn't mean that
the trees are unhealthy--'least, no one I know be-
lieves that--they just like to recover, some years.
Your revenues are likely to roller-coaster.

Does anyone in the USA say "filbert"?

I don't know anything about hazelnut processing in
this country.  Please do report back on it as you
learn more; I but it's an interesting fraternity.

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