Ancient "Pine" Trees

mel turner mturner at
Sun Dec 18 22:09:43 EST 1994

In article <3d2a99$ibl at> lindgren at (Gary Lindgren) writes:
>The discovery of an ancient strain of pine trees in Australia was 
>described in the New York Times of Dec. 15, 1994. The discovery was 
>compared to the discovery of a dawn redwood tree in China in 1944. This 
>discovery in 1944, was this the only one in the world? Palo Alto 
>Califoria has a dawn redwood, is this tree a relative to the one found 
>in China?

        No, this one is a new genus in the Araucariaceae.  It is a parallel 
scientific situation to the dawn redwood story, and not a closely related 
plant. (see a report in bionet.plants.)

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