aspens and poplars

C. Hobart Perry hperry at FORESTRY.UMN.EDU
Wed Apr 24 14:59:54 EST 1996

>I have been trying to find out the difference between hybrid poplar
>and hybrid aspen, but haven't had any luck so far. If anyone has the
>answer, could you please send me an email.

The distinction is really a semantic one.

Aspens (bigtooth - Populus grandidentata, and quaking - Populus
tremuloides) are of the poplar family.

In actual practice, most of the reading I have done suggests that the
hybrid poplar currently being promoted for biomass cultivation and
short-rotation forestry is a hybrid of some different cottonwood species
(also of the poplar family) and not aspen.

So, hybrid aspen is a form of hybrid poplar. Hybrid poplar is not
NECESSARILY hybrid aspen.


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