Propagation of exotic tropical trees by cuttings-need procedures

Larry Daley daleyl at
Fri Jun 7 11:30:55 EST 1996

J. Kroin:

Methods for mango, papapaya and mahogony propagation practices are
found in Hartman, H.T., D.E. Kester and F. T. Davies, Jr. Plant
Propagation. Principals and Practice, 5th Edition (Prentice Hall,
Englewood Cliffs, NJ 07632).  I you are lucky enough to have money for it,
most Horticulture Departments would accept funding to investigate those
plants for which vegetative propagation is not yet defined.  I can help you
find the appropriate researcher if you like.

Best wishes

Larry Daley

On 7 Jun 1996, J Kroin wrote:

> We seek information on the propagation of the following plant varieties 
> by rooting of cuttings. Advise if applicable for each variety:
> -the appropriate concentration of auxin (IAA, IBA, or NAA), 
> -time of year to take cuttings, 
> -type of cutting, 
> -special propagation procedures, etc.
> mangoes (mangifera indica)
> rambutan (alectryon subcinereus)
> carambola (averrhoa carambola)
> rose apple (name?)
> mangosteen (garcinia mangostana)
> papaya (carica papaya)
> longan (euphorbia longan) 
> abiu (name?)
> atemoya (name?)
> dipterocarp
> teak
> narra (name?)
> mahogany
> Regards, Joel
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