Maine's forestry ban referendum

Martha Gottlieb megom at
Fri Jun 28 21:31:09 EST 1996

Joseph Zorzin wrote:
> Mark A. Hunt wrote:
> >
> > Whilst I don't necessarily disagree with any or all of the points made in this
> > post, I hardly think this group should be the forum for local political
> > debates. As a scientist I never cease to be pissed off by people putting
> > forward a political opinion that really only reflects a cultural perspective
> > and dressing it up as fact. I won't encourage this sort of crap by responding
> > to any of the specific arguments.
> Well, since there is so little traffic in this newsgroup- almost none- I
> don't seen any harm in some "local color". I don't see any rule that
> only PHD's can come here to discuss the most useless of all things on
> the planet- research by PHD foresters.
> I'm both a forester and an environmentalist. Both sides have something
> to say and this is as good a place as any.

Gee, Mark, I don't see the problem with this thread either. I'm not a 
forester or a PHD, but I am a Maine resident. To characterize this 
referendum as a "political opinion" dressed up as a fact is quite 
inaccurate. Our forests are shamefully decimated. The paper companies 
give big money to the legislators on the appropriate committees. And 
yes, Mark that is politics, but in this case the science came first.

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