Today's Forests Lack Color

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>I bet there are more in the South.  About a month ago I had
breakfast in an
>inner city, and ended up chatting with a pretty little
20-year old black girl
>who flattered me by showing an interest in me.
I asked her if she had ever
>been to the mountains.  No.

I have an African-American secretary.  We talk freely about many subjects that
would be extremely uncomfortable in other settings.  I brought up the issue of
blacks not using national and state forests.

This is a very middle class woman in her early thirties.  Her intital response
was - you want me to go look at trees? Why?

She went on to suggest that if she had vacation time to use and money to spend
she would use established forms of paid entertainment with quality lodging,
thank you very much.  She could not imagine anyone wanting to go to the
"woods".  Her life experience tells her that this is not of much value.

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