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Michael Hagen mhagen at mail.olympus.net
Thu Mar 27 19:07:42 EST 1997

In the PNW we often leave buffers along roads (beauty strips)to prevent
the wind from getting into the interior of a thinned stand. The USFS 
left a famous one at Lake Quinalt on the west side of the Peninsula. Its
probably got greater than 60MBF per acre in BIG Spruce and Fir. You can
just barely see through to the other side. For protection from "outside"
humidity, just one habitat variable, its probably not big enough.
 I think that the logical end product is the elimination of the whole
idea of buffer strips >> you just thin to varying degrees everywhere.

Don Staples wrote:
> McKenney wrote:
> >
> > Wait a minute, I'm proud of the work I can do as a forester and the work
> > that loggers I contract with can do. I see no reason to leave a buffer
> > strip along roads or boundary lines. Doing so implies that my work must be
> > hidden. It's time for forestry to stop its retreat and start going forward.
> > Real forestry does not need to be hidden! I've got acres of work that I am
> > most proud to display.
> As am I, but, you still face the public preception of what you did and
> how it looks.  It is not so much to hide your work, as to salve the
> public image.  Forestry isnot in retreat, it is in bivouac.  Until the
> public gets used to the idea that forests can be managed, short or long
> term, that all natural stands are transitory, we stand little chance of
> changing the publics concept of us.  We are all "sterile plantation"
> planters and managers to them, but, they do far worse to their lands
> through neglect.
> It's the image they have, and we haven't changed it.
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