The M.A.O.C.F.

Joseph Zorzin redoak at
Fri Nov 7 04:36:32 EST 1997

Will Anderson wrote:
> In article <3461CB5E.9BD at>, Joseph Zorzin
> <redoak at> writes
> > Just a couple of Scots
> What do you mean just! 1 Scottish Forester equals 10 non Scottish
> Foresters;-)
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> Will Anderson MICFor            email: will at

OK, I'll accept that. I've always been a Celtophile. You and your Irish
cousins make such great rebels. And you sure you guys don't wear kilts
in the woods? Or play your bagpipes while cruising timber?

I'd like to start wearing a kilt for those hot days in the woods, but
I'm already in enough trouble with my rebel ideas around here. They'd
have me arrested. <G>

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