Bidding by Loggers

Joseph Zorzin redoak at
Sat Nov 8 04:13:18 EST 1997

ForestFair wrote:
> Today was our bid opening day, for a 74,300 Bd.Ft. harvest on part of our
>  woodlot, and the results were good.
> There was one bid from an out-of-state mill that did not inspect the property,
>  even though the Notice of Timber Sale said "Because of the extensive road
>  layout and scattered location of the forest stands on the property, making the
>  showing will be helpful in preparing your bid."  The property is not one that
>  can be eyeballed from the road, either.
> Does it often happen that loggers will bid on a job sight unseen, having been
>  warned that it might not be an ordinary job?   This firm had not worked with
>  our consulting forester in the past, so he didn't have that experience to
>  guide him.
> ForestFair at

Often the timber buyers will go look on their own and not mention this
or even deny it. <G>

Just tell'em what mountain it's on; they'll smell the timber.

Or, if it's a substantial company and they're desperate for wood and if
they know the reputation of the forester who prepared the sale and if
they're too busy to look, they might bid anyways. This is why the
reputation of the forester is so important. The buyers keep records on
how accurate the foresters are and how difficult they are to work with.

I suspect this is a good time. I just did a timber showing and most of
the buyers are short of wood at this time; not sure why, partly because
the state of Mass. hasn't been selling timber for years and consultants
haven't had many sales lately.

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