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Mon Nov 10 03:13:36 EST 1997

Darren J. Young wrote:
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> says...
> > Bullshit about placing the blame on the enviro community. If the USFS
> > hadn't done such a bad job; there would not have been such an uproar
> > over their bad work and there wouldn't be such an elaborate review
> > process.
> Back at you.  No matter how good the job, somebody will always want more
> and file law suits.  It's the way this country is run.  Happens in the
> forestry industry just like every other segment of society.

Yuh, those dam (%#*%!~^ liers... I mean lawyers! America has 1,000 times
more of'em then Japan. But a lawyer friend explained that it's
unavoidable in America because we're a nation of every race, religion,
and quack philosophy with laissez-faire capitalism so in theory the
liers... I mean lawyers... help keep us from killing each other. Not a
bad theory anyways.

> > Private forest lands in America can indeed carry the burdon of producing
> > what's needed because the vast majority of private land in America is
> > POORLY managed.
> So are you saying that because it's poorly managed it produces more than
> had it been managed responsibly?  You're not making any sense.

I didn't explain myself. What I mean was that IF the private forest land
was properly managed, then it could produce all that is needed. But I'm
not in agreement with the enviros that would shut down the National
Forests for timber produciton; only I'd like to keep more old growth.
There is very little old growth remaining, so preserving it wouldn't
cause much of a production cutback.

> > That's nuts. It may go up but it won't triple. There is so much
> > potential on private land that the price will stabilize without going up
> > much.
> Are you an economist?

No but I've been working in the "field" of forestry a long time and I've
seen the "elasticity" of stumpage prices. There is a tremendous amount
of "untapped" potential. As soon as the price of a species goes up,
before long the market is flooded with that species and the price goes
back down again- not in all cases, but eventually- similar to
agricultural production.

> > I have added bionet.agroforestry and alt.forestry to the groups in the
> > header.
> I'm sure the folks there appreciate this dreadful thread.

In forestry groups? They love a good argument. <G> Especially me since
I'm a "crossover" environmentalist forester and proud of it.

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