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>    .......not much data on what
>types of mushrooms can or will grow in the Eastern hardwood forests.
>Landowners are largely uninformed, as well as foresters.  Any suggestions?


There will be a conference "Natural Resources Income Opportunities on Private
Lands Conference" April 5-7 at the Ramada Inn Convention Center in Hagerstown
MD.  One of the speakers (April 6) is Bob Beyfuss of Cooperative Extension of
Greene County (NY) who is scheduled to talk about producing and marketing
ginseng and goldenseal.  Although mushrooms are not listed as a topic, I've
heard him talk about mushroom growing as one more income source for forest
landowners.  He grows several different mushrooms himself.  

For anyone wanting a conference brochure,  the number listed in my copy 
301-791-1304.  The intended audience is" woodland owners, farmers and other
private landowners, consultants, industrial foresters, state foresters,
wildlife biologists, Extension agents, urban planners, farm bureaus, land
trusts, woodland owner associations, and legislators."  Registration for the
entire program is $95.

There are many sponsors, including Cooperative Extension Services of 6 states,
USDA, several regional and state groups, and so on.

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