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Tue Sep 16 19:13:33 EST 1997

Many of you already know the web  "The Forest". In her one can  
to find from the history of the forest nursery in Spain until the  
it forms appropriate of reforesting a mount. They are also the you finish
summoned for ranger forest in all Spain.  
News can also be read it has more than enough environment, recommendations
case of fire, forest plagues... in short, everything that that has that  
to do with the Nature and the environment.   
Now, I have a patron, with that which pages it she self-finances,  
therefore if you like the topic and you visit her "clik" in the banner,
because it is  
the form of being able to continue offering information without ruining
me:). The  
patron is a company of articles for the observation of the  
Nature, the leisure and the adventure.  
I have also started a section dedicated to the COA, (Coordinator  
Ornithological of Asturias) that, although this beginning, I wait that in a
time can offer interesting information on observations of birds and  
On the other hand, I hope to be able to offer in few days kind of a  
they summarize of the situation the the National Park of the Picos of
Europe, In Spain, that  
as many you know, this is not very good.  
well, anything but, thank you for the borrowed attention.  

Roberto Naveiras el guardaboskes de la red
*nave at (* anti spam)


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