Lawrence Summers Memorial Award

Joseph Zorzin redoak at
Fri Jul 17 06:04:34 EST 1998

Karl Davies wrote:
> Here's a unique achievement by a very high level state forestry
> bureaucrat <G>.  The following is from the April 1998
> Multinational Monitor, page 8.
> The April 1998 Lawrence Summers Memorial Award goes to Jim Brown,
> Oregon State Forester.
> "The Oregon Department of Forestry wants to give up its authority
> to halt clear-cutting on landslide-prone slopes above homes
> because it does not think protecting the public's safety is its
> job," the Portland Oregonian reported in April 1998.

In the ancient world- as the "lintel" of a stone arch was put in place-
the architect would stand under it- if he designed the building badly
and the lintel came crashing down, he'd be the first to know.

So it only seems reasonable that those in charge of a logging job on an
erosion prone mountain side, should have to camp downstream from the job
for the duration of the project. It might give them cause to take
greater care.

Or alternatively, the forestry officials like Jim Brown should have to
take their places.

Let the people who make these decision bear the consequences.

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