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>  (BTW, cruises are designed to under-estimate volumes in
> > order to avoid claims from purchaser on sales that "under-run"
> >
> Bad form!  A cruise is as accurate as the sampling procedure allows.
> Fudging volumes, hidden defect or raising the permissible cull piece
> size to make sure a sale gets bids is one of the reasons FS timber sales
> look like rackets to outsiders.

I agree, Mike. What is really needed is for the USFS to go back to using
their own scalers. For years, the USFS and the logging contractors have
questioned the reliability and accuracy of the supposed third-party scalers,
who are paid by the mills for federal scaling. Also, in recent years, the
USFS has shifted sales over to the lump-sum type of sale using certified
cruisers to measure trees in a 3P sampling. All of this has not been
satisfactory either, with sales overrunning by varying amounts. I say that
the USFS has to go back in the scaling business to make it fairer for the
american public and the logging contractor.

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