Commercial aspects of worms

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Fri Dec 15 05:11:49 EST 1995

The ANNELDIA charter says subscribers will be interested in 
"research" on the culture of worms but operation of commercial worm 
farms will not be a discussion topic.  Why not?

The distinction between research and commercial applications is 
difficult to draw  and as I am involved in both I would be willing to 
deal with aspects relating to the commercial side.  Of course it will 
be necessary to respect commercial confidentiality.

For those who don't know I have had a role in the creating of a 
commercial worm farm in the UK-  SEABAIT LIMITED - so I have declared my 

The company can provide test bed facilities eg for large scale 
testing of bioturbation effects on oil incorporation into sediments 
and, as it makes use of a power station warmed water supply, it could 
test the effects of temperature on life cycle characteristics of 
annelid species which may be of interest to ANNELIDA subscribers given the 
recent discussion on transworld distributions.

Peter JW Olive
Department of Marine Sciences and Coastal Management
University of Newcastle upon Tyne

I can be sent personal emails at:

p.j.w.olive at

I do not have experience of oligochaete culture.

I do have interests in culture of Polychaeta and the applications in 
supplying bait markets, food for finfish and as brood stock feeds for 
prawn aquaculture. 

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