NEW: Journal of Meiofaunal Zoology

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Sun Dec 17 16:00:26 EST 1995

[Extracted from Psammonalia no. 110]

The International Journal of Meiofaunal Zoology will begin publication in
early 1996 ... devoted to all aspects of the biology of animal groups found in
terrestrial, freshwater, and marine meiofauna taxa. Editor Dr Yves Semeria.
Two issues per year. Articles mainly in English, but French and Italian are
also acceptable. [Subscription supposedly 30,000 French Francs according to
Psammonalia, or about USD 65, in which case I suspect it may be actually 300

Enquiries to:

AsMoNe (I.J.M.Z), BP 14, F-06101 Nice cedex, FRANCE

Perhaps our French colleagues know of an e-mail address and can reveal what
organisation As.Mo.Ne might be?

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