Annelida admin: changing to a moderated list proposed

Geoff Read at
Sun Apr 28 13:56:38 EST 1996

Annelida folk,

Apologies for the weekend junk mail not sent by me! Stay with us please
and we'll try to do something about it as follows:

In view of the increased problem with off-topic e-mail we are
experiencing I propose to ask the Biosci administration to convert this
mailing list to one in which messages are only posted after being approved
by me as moderator. 

I take this step very, very reluctantly. I hope an extremely nasty fate
awaits the habitual offender who has finally, and pointlessly, forced the
issue. However, it seems necessary at present for the good health of the
list to make the change. Annelida is a low volume list as lists go and the
'noise' is thus very obvious and irritating for some of us who pay for
mail. There are alternative means of suppressing the junk but Biosci does
not have the resources to set them up at the moment and in the recent past
have recommended the move to moderating. (Of all the messages I can
recall on Annelida (and we've had some excellent contributions) only the
series of magazine subscription scams, the misdirected unsubscribes, and
the "human condition" message of this weekend would have been disallowed
so far. The only other effect you might notice will be a lack of mail 
postings during about GMT 1100 to 2000 when I'm asleep in NZ!)

Anyone who objects to this proposal or to my becoming the moderator, or
who wishes to volunteer to do the moderating should please e-mail me as
soon as possible.


Geoff Read,
Annelida Discussion Leader,

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