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Sun Mar 31 14:26:35 EST 1996

Dear colleagues,
I hope you will not consider thius advertisemnet, even though,
in part, it is.
My new book on the marine invertebrates of Madeira, the Canary
Islands and the Azores has recently appeared. 248aa, more than
300 underwater colour pghotos, including
Sabella spallananii, Bispira volutacornis, Sabella pavonoina,
Megalomma vesiculosum, Myxicola infundibulum,
Serpula vermicularsi, Lygsamis murata damis murata (! first live phot,o, I
beliebeve), Eupolymnia nebulosa, Polycirrus sp., Lanice
conchilega, Diopatra neopolitana (might be the new species from
Morocco, specimens will be sent to paris , soon), Hesione pamntherina,
Phyllodoce paretti, 
the echiuroids Ochetostoma baronii, Bonellia viridis, 
and many more.
People in Europe can obtain this book directly from me by sending
me (the equivalen)t) of 60 german Marks (50 german marks if in
Germany - lower postage costs) to my address:
Dr. Peter Wirtz
c/o Hotel Vila ventura
P - 9125 Canico
Madeira, Portugal.
People ourtside Europe: please directly contact the ditoreditor:
Naglschmid verlag Fax Germany-711-612323. They want
pre.-payment. Credit card is the easiest.

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