Temporary Closure of Collections, Canadian Museum of Nature

Fournier, Judith JFOURNIER at mus-nature.ca
Wed May 29 14:25:00 EST 1996

Temporary Closure of                 /    Fermeture temporaire des
Invertebrate Collections              /    collections d'invertebres
Canadian Museum of Nature     /    Musee canadien de la nature 
Dear Colleagues,

The Canadian Museum of Nature is building a new facility to house all its
collections and to consolidate most of our activities in one location.
 Staff and collections are scheduled to begin moving in the late summer and
will continue throughout the fall of 1996.  The staff in the Collection
Division will be working hard over the coming months preparing the millions
of specimens and other objects in our collections for a safe move to the new 
building.  Once moved, staff will be fully engaged in unpacking the
collections.  We will try to continue serving the users of our collections,
if possible, but large parts of the collections will be relatively
inaccessible for several months.

The following closure schedule applies for our Invertebrate collections:

                                 closes             reopens
Entomology              1 Sept. 1996    1 Feb. 1997
All other Inverts.       1 May 1996     1 Feb. 1997

We wish to minimize the risk of damaged or lost specimens and other
collection objects during the move.  This is also true for borrowed material 
that may be returned to the Museum while the collections are being packed,
moved or unpacked.  Please contact us before sending any collection material 
back.  If you must absolutely borrow specimens or obtain collection data
from us during this period, special arrangements may be possible but we
cannot provide any guarantee.

 Thank you for your understanding.  We look forward to being able to
continue to serve you from our new home.
Cher(e)s colleques,

Le Musee canadien de la nature s affaire a construire un nouvel edifice pour 
loger toutes ses collections et concentrer la majeure partie de ses
activites. Le demenagement du personnel et des collections commencera a la
fin de l'ete et se poursuivra pendant l'automne de 1996. Le personnel de la
division des collections travaillera avec ardeur, au cours des prochains
mois, pour preparer les millions de specimens et autres articles de
collection pour le demenagement au nouvel edifice. Apres ce demenagement,
les employes devront deballer les collections. Nous essaierons de continuer
a servir le mieux possible les utilisateurs de nos collections, mais une
grande partie restera inaccessible pendant de nombreux mois.

L horaire de fermeture des collections d invertebres est comme suit:

                                 fermera        reouvrira 
Entomologie               1 sept. 1996   1 fev. 1997
Autres collections       1 mai 1996     1 fev. 1997

     Nous desirons prevenir le risque de domage ou de perte de specimens et
autres articles de collections pendant le demenagement. Cela s'applique
aussi aux articles empruntes qui seront rapportes au Musee pendant
l'emballage, le demenagement ou le deballage. Veuillez nous contacter avant
de retourner du materiel de collection emprunte.  Si vous devez absolument
emprunte des specimens ou obtenir des donnees de collection de notre part
durant cette periode, certains arrangements pourront etre faits mais nous ne 
pouvons le garantir.

     Merci de votre comprehension. Nous serons heureux de continuer a vous
servir dans notre nouvel edifice.

Collection Division
Canadian Museum of Nature
P.O. Box 3443, Station D
Ottawa, Ontario
Canada K1P 1P6
e-mail: cmncoll at mus.nature.ca

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