Marenzelleria bibliography

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Fri Nov 1 20:35:33 EST 1996

Dear Marenzellerians:  Have you picked up David George's "popular"
article in Bioscience for August, 1966 with photos of S. viridis embryos? 
It's called "Early development of a marine worm", and is based on a paper
in Biol. Bull 130: 76-93, which you are more likely to have encountered.
(Is David reading this??)

My notes also indicate that Bumpus (Science 8: 58-61, 1898) mentioned a
breeding season for "Scolelepis viridis" at Woods Hole in early May, with
eggs found in sand tubes. I don't know if this is an accurate
identification, and I would probably omit it myself, but I'll leave it to
you to decide.  If you need a copy of either, send me a fax number, and I
will send it.

Paul Schroeder

>Dear Anneliders,
>We are actually preparing a bibliography of the spionid polychaete genus
>MARENZELLERIA. We have got about 200 references by now. We are looking
>now for all references concerning these polychaete species to ensure
>We will be very grateful, as you could send us references/reprints that
>contain the genus/species name MARENZELLERIA or (Syn. till 1984:
>1. all non-popular journals (reports, house journals, journals not
>quoted  in AFSA, Current Contents ..etc.
>2. in the Discussion-part of publications, means, that MARENZELLERIA is
>not quoted in the Titles or the Abstracts of references and could not be
>easily found.
>3. All publication, which are in press by now or manuscripts, which will
>be published probably soon.
>Please contact us:
>Michael L. Zettler
>Universitaet Rostock
>WB Allg. Spez. Zool.
>D-18051 Rostock
>or via e-mail: ralf.bochert at
>Thanks to all in advance.

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