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Mon Nov 4 16:15:05 EST 1996

Dear Anneliders,
I am looking for publications concerning ecological studies within the
taxa Sphaerodoridae. Could anybody add references to my only two
ecological papers (s.b.)?

> Christie, G. 1984. The reproductive biology of a Northumberland 
> population of Sphaerodorum gracilis (Rathke, 1843) (Polychaeta:
> Sphaerodoridae).-SARSIA 69: 117-121

> Mileikovsky, S.A. 1967. Larval development of polychaetes of the family
> Spaerodoridae and some considerations of its systematic.-Dokl. Akademii
> Nauk SSSR 177(2): 471-474

Thanks in advance
Best regards
Ralf Bochert

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