Capitella captitata and a question about citations

Alan Eugene Davis adavis at
Sat Nov 9 15:22:00 EST 1996

I have recently been lurking on this list.  I am teaching science at a
high school in the Northern Mariana Islands.  I am interested in
marine invertebrates of all kinds.  

I have a general interest in Capitella capitata, but haven't yet been
able to make a study; hopefully I can collect this worm in Saipan.  
In particylar, I am interested in the possible use of Capitella
capitata as a pollution indicator.  I would be interested in
corresponding with anyone doing work of any kind on this species or
species complex.

Also, I have been lurking about, watching the discussion of merits and
demerits of electronic publication.  I hope I will be forgiven for
asking a question that is probably inappropriate and simplistic for
this group: should a home page be cited in the references of a paper
(certainly yes), and how should it be cited?  Home page usually do not
seem to bear any distinguishing marks, including URL address.  Anyway
how do people handle this?

I hope I will be forgiven for posting these simple questions on this
list.  I have been enjoying lurking.

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