Annelida reborn? I didn't know it was dead

Greg Rouse gregr at
Wed Apr 2 00:15:18 EST 1997

>Eibye-Jacobsen,Danny; Nielsen,Claus (1997 (1996)): Point of view. The
>rearticulation of annelids. Zoologica Scripta. 25(3), 275-282.
>Abstract it? Sorry, even the authors passed on that one.  But it aims to
>"discuss the profound influence the choice of input taxa has on the
>results of a cladistic analysis, provide an alternative interpretation of
>Rouse and Fauchald's data, and ultimately take issue with their conclusion
>regarding the [non?] monophyly of Annelida."

A response to this Point of View will appear in the next issue of Zoologica

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