Prionospio sexoculata, Glycera natalensis and G. longipinnis

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Tue Apr 22 02:05:57 EST 1997


For my PhD research at the University of Natal (Durban), I am setting up a
biological monitoring system for the Port of Durban (South Africa). As
part of my research I need a better idea of  the biology of the
polychaete species mentioned above.  The work I intend doing involves
determining salinity tolerances, oxygen requirements, and tolerances to a
variety of toxins commonly entering the harbour.  In order to do this I
would need live specimens of these animals.  I would appreciate any
information on possible sources for these animals or, failing that,
suggestions on how to remove live animals from the sediments of the
harbour.  I have had no success in finding any literature on these
species and would be intersted in discussing my work with anyone else who
may be working on these or closely related species.

Thanks in advance
Kevin Weerts
ideaseco at
Tel: +27 31 235948
P.O.Box 50826
South Africa

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