Polychaete ID's

Bill Moser MNHIV073 at sivm.si.edu
Mon Jul 14 07:50:09 EST 1997

Dear Annelid Folks,

A colleage asked me to post this letter on the Annelida discussion
list. Please respond directly to Allegra Small
(small.allegra at nmnh.si.edu).

<<Syllidae and Capitellidae specialists,

I am with the Smithsonian's Marine Systems Laboratory.  We are
currently attempting to identify all of the organisms in our 130
gallon Caribbean coral reef system.  I have collected polychaetes I
believe to be  in the Syllidae and Capitellidae families, but have yet
to find a specialist to identify them for me.

I would certainly appreciate it if I could send  these specimens to
someone who could help with their identification.

The bulk (90%+) of the collections for this tank were taken from
Mayaguana in 1991.  Since that time we have had only a few specific
additions into the system mostly from other Caribbean
locations, but occasionally a Pacific item. We believe that very few
other organisms were introduced into the system when these small
additions were made, and therefore,  the specimens I would send
are most likely from Mayaguana.

Allegra M. Small                          phone: 202-357-3166
Marine Systems Laboratory           fax: 202-357-3037
Smithsonian Institution                 email: small.allegra at nmnh.si.edu
NHB E-119 MRC 164
Washington D.C. 20560>>

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