modeling E. fetida populations

Michael Taylor michaelt at
Thu Jun 18 07:09:57 EST 1998

Dear readers,

I am seeking the assistance of those who know of any mathematical models
describing the population dynamics of Eisenia fetida or other species in
vermicomposting systems.

I am aware of only two models in the literature.  The first is by M.J.
Mitchell entitled 'A simulation model of earthworm growth and populatoin
dynamics: application to organic waste conversion' in Earthworm Ecology:
from Darwin to Vermiculture, J.E. Satchell (ed.).  Secondly, I.R. Jefferies
and E. Audsley 'A population model for the earthworm Eisenia fetida' in
Earthworms in waste and environmental management, C.A. Edwards and E.F.
Neuhauser (eds.)

I would appreciate an e-mail if anyone has heard of other published models
in the literature.

Many thanks for your assistance.

Michael Taylor.

e-mail:  michaelt at
Michael Taylor,
Department of Chemical Engineering,
The University of Queensland
St. Lucia 4072,
Ph 07 3365 7520; International 61 7 3365 7520
Fax 07 3365 4199; International 61 7 3365 4199 

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