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Dear annelidans,

Two new DELTA taxonomic databases are now available from the web site  The new families covered are
Lumbrineridae (which is largely the work of my research assistant Joanne
Taylor) and Terebellidae (by Pat Hutchings)  Both allow identifications of
Australian species (the lumbrinerids focus on the southeast Australian
fauna, but the terebellids should cover all known Australian species), but
they will hopefully be useful anywhere since it is possible to restrict
identifications to genus level, which includes all known genera in those
families (please let us know if you find this not to be the case!).  Email
addresses for the appropriate correspondent are provided with each family
at the web site, and we are actively seeking constructive criticism - in
fact this is one of the main reasons for making the data available on the
net.  Comment that may be of general interest or could result in
informative discussion should be posted to the list.

Image files are incomplete at present, and additional images will be
added as originals are prepared or as copyright permission to reuse
published images is obtained.  Most species, however, are illustrated. As
with the other 3 families on the web site, any web browser can be used to
view lists of characters, taxa, images, and introductory remarks.  However,
interactive identification requires the user to install the DELTA program
Intkey and then download and install the compressed zip file.  Instructions
for this, and a link to the DELTA site, are on the page.  Be aware that the
current version of Intkey defaults to "simplified mode" on startup; you
will probably need to change this to "Advanced mode" (from the file menu)
to access all functions since I have not (yet) replicated some important
functions on the customised toolbar.



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