A nereid question

J-W Qiu bojwqiu at ust.hk
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Dear Colleagues,

This is a message concerning the identity of a nereid.

Leonnates pussillus Langerhans, 1880 (page 279-280 in: Langerhans, P. 
1880. Die wurmfauna von Madeira, II.  Zeitschrift Für Wissenschaftliche 
Zoologie 33(1-2): 271-316) was found to have papillae on both maxillary 
and oral rings and referred to Laonereis glauca Claparéde, 1870 (Fauvel, 
1914, Ramsay, 1914, Hartman, 1959).  Pettibone (1971) transferred 
Laonereis glauca together with Leonnates pussillus to Websterinereis 
glauca that has a bare maxillary ring but a papilla on area VI and 5-9 
papillae on areas VII-VIII.  Fauchald (1977), however, recognized 
Websterinereis tridentata as the sole valid species of Websterinereis.  
Apparently there is disagreement on the presence and number of papillae 
on certain areas of the pharynx but the presence of paragnaths on areas 
II, VI, VII and VIII (Langerhans, 1880) has never been supported.  

To clear this confusion, examination of the type specimens is necessary. 
 Unfortunately I only part II of article that does not indicate the 
whereabouts of the types.

Could anyone supply me some relevant information so that a loan can be 

Thank you very much.


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