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Mon Oct 11 13:20:39 EST 1999

We have at least 4 Capitella sibling species in Boston Harbor (Capitella 
sp. I, Ia, II, & IIIa).  

These species were identified by Judy Grassle using starch gel 
electrophoresis of allozymes.  The species also differ markedly in 
reproductive modes.  Some features of their biology and abundance is 
described in Gallagher & Keay (1998), which I've posted as a pdf on my 
web page  

While Capitella sp. I is found in both the intertidal and subtidal, we've 
never found it to be the numerical dominant.  Capitella sp. Ia, which can 
exceed 8 cm's in length as an adult, was dominant in the subtidal, and 
Capitella sp. IIIa was dominant in the intertidal.  

At 11:20 PM 10/10/1999 -0700, you wrote:
> I'm working on a report about Capitella, in particular, Capitella Sp. I
> that is  found in a Mass. estuary.  I'm looking for general
> pictures/diagrams and  information on Capitella sp.  Any suggestions on
> sites I can check out?   

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